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Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan; the most important month in the Islamic calendar will start March 10, 2024. Fasting between sunrise and sunset is prescribed for every healthy Muslim. Children, sick, pregnant or breastfeeding women are exempt. Islam lets pregnant women free in their choice whether or not to participate in fasting. We respect your wish to fast, but in some pregnancies it is unwise to do so. For example when you are dealing with (gestational) diabetes. Also, many pregnant women experience complaints like headache, nausea, fatigue and fainting while fasting. This is because the inborn child also needs food / energy.

Recent research has not made it clear whether fasting can have negative effects on the child in the (long) term. Fasting in the first trimester may affect the baby's final birth weight. Would you like to fast or would you like to consult us based on the above advice? Feel free to contact us or discuss it at your prenatal check up..


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