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Health insurance coverage 2024

As in previous years, our prenatal, natal and postnatal care is part of the basic health insurance package. This means that the costs for the care you receive from us are reimbursed under the basic insurance and are not deducted from your 'Eigen Risico'

As a practice we are united with 32 other midwifery practices in de Verloskundige Zorggroep Groot Amsterdam. Within this group we strive for the highest possible quality of care. Most insurers see the added value of this joint work on quality.

For 2024 we have contracts with all insurers. If you want to check whether our practice has a contract with your health insurer, you will sometimes not find us in the Zorgzoeker as Verloskundigen Oosterpark but under the name of Verloskundige Zorggroep Groot Amsterdam. If your insurer does not have a contract with the Zorggroep, our care will still be reimbursed 100%. However, your insurer may want our invoice to be paid by them through you.

Please note; in terms of reimbursements for pregnancy and childbirth, it usually makes no sense to change health insurer as of January. The insurer you had when you registered with a midwife pays for all care related to pregnancy and childbirth, even if that is in the following calendar year. You could, however, check whether you have a more favorable reimbursement for the maternity period with another insurer (maternity care and, if necessary, additional care for breastfeeding).


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