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At Verloskundigen Oosterpark our goal is to provide professional, practical, dedicated and modern care

Pregnancy and childbirth are normal and healthy processes

These processen are usually quite straightforward, but they need to be closely monitored. A woman usually knows herself what is best for her and her baby. We offer advice and support wherever we can, depending on your needs, so you can enjoy a carefree pregnancy.

Professional, practical and dedicated

We take a very practical and dedicated approach to dealing with the physical and mental processes during pregnancy, birth and parenthood. Therefore, our clinic is accessible and open to everybody. Together we will decide on the type of support you need. It is important for us to know you have thought about your decisions carefully. We are flexible and respect your autonomy but at the same time it is our duty to guarantee your safety and keep a sense of reality.

Getting the right kind of care from the right kind of person

Staying sharp and up-to-date

Every pregnancy is different and every mum-to-be has different needs. We do not offer unnecessary, expensive all-inclusive care packages. However, in case your pregnancy does require additional care and attention, we will either provide this ourselves or refer you to one of our trusted colleagues. Additional care because of medical reasons should be covered by your insurance policy. Click here for more information about our partnerships.

Midwifery as a medical domain is constantly evolving. New scientific developments and changing care requirements by expectant parents mean we need to constantly re-evaluate our ways of working. We want to be the leaders in our field. That ambition keeps us sharp and always up-to-date. Read our newspage to learn in which research we participate.

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