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In the first week after delivery, you and the baby will be monitored well cared for

The maternity nurse checks, guides and advises

The maternity nurse will come to your home several hours a day to perform check-ups, provide support and guidance and to give advice. At the intake interview before the birth, it is agreed how many hours a day the maternity nurse will visit you (a minimum of 3, a maximum of 7 hours a day until 8 days after the birth), but if necessary, the number of hours can be adjusted after consultation with us.


The day usually starts with an evaluation of the previous night. The maternity nurse then checks the mother's temperature, heart rate, blood loss and stitches. The baby's behaviour, feeding habit, colour and temperature are checked every day. The baby is usually weighed 4 and 7 days after its birth. 

All postnatal assessments are recorded in the green postnatal book. The maternity nurse will always contact us if there are any concerns.

Our postnatal care

In the first week following the birth, we will come and visit you several times at home. We will evaluate how you and the baby are doing and carry out a number of medical checks. The maternity nurse can always call us if there are any concerns, and we are available day and night in case you have questions or worries. 

There's a lot to learn when you are new parents, but by the end of the first week following the birth, you have usually gained enough confidence to care for your baby yourself. The maternity care at home therefore ends 8 to 10 days after delivery. But you can always contact us after the first week if you have any questions.


Care from GGD, OKT and your GP

When you register your baby's birth at the Town Hall or City Council (gemeente), the GGD (Municipal Medical and Health Care Service) is automatically informed. A GGD nurse will visit you (unannounced) approximately 5 to 7 days after the birth to collect a few drops of blood from your baby's foot: the so-called heel prick. The baby's blood is screened for more than 20 rare but serious disorders. A hearing test will also be done at this time. The heel prick and hearing test are free of charge.

Approximately 2 weeks after the birth, a health visitor from the Ouder en Kind Team (OKT or Health Visiting Team) will visit you at home for an intake interview. She will tell you what services the OKT will be able to provide the coming years and will assess whether there is a need for further information or help and support. Your first visit to the OKT usually takes place when the baby is one month old. There are various OKT centres located around town, which clinic you will be assigned to will depend on your postcode.

Your General Practicioner will receive from us or from the hospital a copy of your pregnancy and birth record. Most GPs will then register the baby as a patient with their practice. Some GPs conduct a home visit after the birth. 

6-week postnatal check

The postnatal period officially ends 6 weeks after the birth. We conclude this period with a last visit to our clinic. We would like to know how you and your baby are doing and evaluate how you experienced the care you received. We will check your blood pressure, your abdomen (uterus and stomach muscles), any stitches you may have, and iron levels.

Please call the assistant to arrange this appointment. You would normally arrange an appointment with the person that attended the birth.

Our postnatal care after a medical pregnancy and delivery

If you are being cared for by the hospital during your pregnancy and delivery, you can register with us for postnatal care after discharge. If you would like to meet us before your baby is born, we would love to hear from you. Please call us to make an appointment or fill in the online form.

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