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Throughout this important time in your life we will support you from beginning to end.

A midwife is a medical practitioner as well as a coach; during a  normal pregnancy she is there to monitor and to offer support and advice

Being midwives we have all the necessary medical knowledge and job skills to take care of you and your baby. We also possess al large dose of calmness and confidence. In the Netherlands, a healthy woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy, is monitored by a midwife. Sometimes extra tests or expertise may be necessary. Therefore, we work together closely with other professionals such as a gynaecologist, who has specialist qualifications for managing complex or high-risk pregnancies.

Care and attention during this special time

Monitoring pregnancies is more than just checking blood pressure and listening to your baby’s heartbeat. We understand that this is a very important period in your life. That is why we want to make sure we provide you with all the care and attention you need for your journey towards parenthood. Find out more about our vision.

Our care includes a wide array of services

Verloskundigen Oosterpark provides all pregnancy care related aspects, from a preconception consultation to antenatal checks; from blood tests to childbirth support; from postnatal checks to coaching. This enables us to make sure you receive the support you need during all stages of pregnancy and birth.

getting pregnant

If you seek advice before getting pregnant, you are welcome to book a preconception consultation.


We schedule the 1st pregnancy check-up around 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. Depending on the course of your pregnancy, 1 or more ultrasounds will be made at the practice.


In the course of your pregnancy we will inform you extensively about labour and discuss your wishes. We will guide you through the delivery as much as possible in the way you prefer

Postnatal period

We visit to check up on you and the baby a few times in the first week after the delivery. About 6 weeks after birth we see each other for a final checkup.

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