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We can advise even before

a pregnancy

Preconception consultation

You can see us when you want to start trying for a baby to discuss, for instance, your lifestyle and when you’re at your most fertile. In case there are certain genetic conditions in your family, it could be desirable to seek advice before getting pregnant. Please get in touch to book an appointment.

A healthy lifestyle

If you want to start trying for a baby, you may need to change your lifestyle. Smoking, alcohol and drugs have a negative effect on fertility, can harm the foetus and can even cause miscarriage. If you are taking prescription drugs, it is wise to consult your GP/doctor to find out whether you should continue taking them when you want to try to conceive.

Folic acid

Taking 0.4 mg of folic acid each day, from 4 weeks before you're pregnant until you’re 3 months pregnant, reduces the risk of having a baby with neural tube defects (NTD). We would recommend to start using folic acid as soon as you have decided you want to start trying for a baby. It is safe to take folic acid over a longer period of time. Folic acid can be bought over the counter at every pharmacist or chemist. Most of the pregnancy multivitamins also contain the recommended dose of folic acid.

Job-related activities

Are you or your partner exposed to harmful substances or radiation at work? Please contact the organisation’s arbo-dienst (Health and Safety Executive at work). In some cases this exposure can affect your fertility or it can cause birth defects. Please contact the arbodienst linked to your organisation, preferably even before you are pregnant

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