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Together we are stronger! That is why we work closely together with various other services

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For consultations, referrals and (outpatient) hospital deliveries, we mainly work together with our colleagues in the OLVG Oost and Bevalcentrum Oost. We also regularly cooperate with AMC, BovenIJ & Amstelland hospital in case OLVG Oost is experiencing a high volume of births or when you have specifically requested to go elsewhere.


Parent & Child team

From seven days postpartum, your baby’s growth and development will be monitored regularly by the Ouder- en Kindteam (OKT; or the consultatiebureau - which is the Dutch equivalent of the Health Visiting Team). You’ll first be introduced to a member of the Parent & Child Team during a home visit. Afterwards you’ll be expected to book appointments at their health clinic nearest to you.


Lactation Consultants

Lactation consultants are breastfeeding specialists. We can offer help with the frequently asked questions concerning breastfeeding. However, when your question is a little more specific or you have an issue that takes a little longer to be resolved, you can get in touch with a lactation consultant. Some maternity care agencies employ their own lactation consultants. We work together regularly with specialists at Boezemvriend and Mamma Minds.

Acupunctuur oud boek


Sabine Schmitz is an acupuncturist and former midwife. She books sessions at various locations in Amsterdam.  Alternatively, the therapists at Praktijk aan het IJ have lots of experience in treating pregnant women as well.

groene gezondheid


Do you have specific questions concerning your pregnancy diet? Are you gaining too much or too little weight or are you struggling with certain food allergies? You can easily contact a dietitians. All dietitians at de Zoete Appel and Salu dieticians are specialised in offering support during pregnancy and in dealing with gestational diabetes.



Together with other midwifery clinics in Oost, we founded the Echopunt Verloskunde Centrum Oost (VCO – the Obstetrics Centre in Amsterdam Oost). This is where you can go for all your pregnancy ultrasounds, including the ‘souvenir baby scans’ (pret-echo’s). Please note that most pregnancy scans are also performed at our clinic.

Stethoscoop op het cardiogram

General Practitioner

Your GP has (usually) known you for a little while longer than we have, and we will therefore ask her/him to provide us with an accurate health and medical record. And, vice versa, we will inform your GP about how your pregnancy, labour and postnatal period are progressing.

Osteopaat at Work


Many things change in your body during pregnancy. This can cause pain and discomfort. Professional support by a specialist physiotherapist could help to relieve your symptoms. We happily recommend our colleagues at Oosterpark Praktijk voor Mensendieck. Thamar Pfluger’s practice is a little further out (Amsterdam Zuid) but she is a real specialist in this field.

Yoga voor zwangere


You can sign up for antenatal classes – which you can take alone, or together with your partner -  that prepare you for labour and parenthood. Amsterdam offers a very wide and diverse range of classes. To make it a little easier we have selected several antenatal classes we or some of our clients have taken and would recommend. Some classes are also offered in English, some classes are especially aimed at expats; explaining more about the dutch obstetric system. Check here for the selection of antenatal classes we like!

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Student midwives

Training our future colleagues is very important to us which is why we frequently work together with student midwives. They always work under our direct supervision. In case you prefer not to be assisted by a student, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Maternity Care

We work together very closely with your maternity nurse during the first 7 days after you’ve given birth. She’ll visit daily to provide you with care and help. You can choose which agency you want to register with yourself. We mainly work with maternity nurses at Mammae Mia, de Kleine Amsterdammer and de Kraamspecialist. 

Pipetting Monsters en Test Tube


Blood and urine tests in collaboration with Salt Laboratory. We may take a blood sample at our clinic or you can visit one of the SHO walk-in blood clinics in Amsterdam. Alternatively, you can also have a blood test done at the laboratory at the OLVG.



Pregnancy can bring about a roller coaster of emotions. Do you think your mood swings are a little extreme? Or have you suffered with depression before and could you do with a little extra support at this time in your life? Are you suffering with mental health postpartum? Don’t wait and see but contact one of the specialist psychologists at Psyche en Zwangerschap. We’d also thoroughly recommend Jaro van der Ende van PGAmsterdam.



Marieke van Luin worked as a midwife for our clinic for many years. A couple of years ago she decided to dedicate herself fulltime to her agency Mamma minds which focuses on offering coaching to (expectant) parents as well as breastfeeding help and support.



EVAA is an alliance in primary midwifery care in the area of Amsterdam & Amstelland. EVAA embodies the future of birth care, providing integrated collaboration between birth care colleagues: GP’s, gynaecologists, paediatricians, maternity care, youth health service and psychologists.

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