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The maternity nurse checks, cares and advises

The maternity nurse helps you to get to know your baby

In the Netherlands, healthy mothers and babies don't stay in hospital after the birth, they go home. This is usually the best and calmest place to recover and to get to know your baby. During the first week after the birth, a maternity nurse will come to your home several hours a day to carry out a number of medical checks. More importantly, she helps you take care of the baby and will be able to provide helpful advice.

Register in time with a maternity care agency

It is best to sign up with a maternity care agency before the 20th week of your pregnancy. If you register later, the maternity care agency of your choice may not be able to accommodate you.

We work together with all maternity care agencies in our area, but most frequently with Mammae MiaDe Kleine Amsterdammer and De kraamspecialist. You can register via their websites or via your health insurer. We do recommend that you register with a maternity care agency in Amsterdam as they follow the same protocols. Also, agencies outside Amsterdam will often pass high parking costs on to you.

When you are around 34 weeks pregnant, someone from the maternity agency will visit you at home for an intake interview. You will be able to discuss any special wishes or expectations you may have regarding the postnatal maternity period. You'll also decide (approximately) how many hours maternity care you will need each day during this visit. The maternity nurse will be able to discuss with you what items you may need for the baby and how high the bed needs to be.

Private (independent) maternity care

Most maternity care is provided by maternity care agencies that employ a number of maternity nurses. As soon as you have had your baby, one of the nurses will come to your home to care for you and your baby.

Would you prefer to meet the maternity nurse before you have your baby? And do you want to make sure there will only be one maternity nurse looking after you? Then private maternity care may be the right choice for you. Private, independently working maternity nurses are not tied to an agency but work for themselves. They are usually very experienced carers, and are sometimes lactation consultants as well. A drawback may be that you will have to pay their invoice yourself first before you are reimbursed by your health insurer. If you wish to have private maternity care, make sure you register early on in your pregnancy as they will only take on a limited number of clients and become booked up very quickly. Also, always check beforehand whether they will be able to provide assistance during the delivery.

You can get in touch with a number of maternity nurses that we regularly work with via kraamzorg-professionals. Kraamzorg 1-op-1 is a platform that matches clients with independent maternity nurses.

Costs of maternity care

Maternity care is covered by the basic Dutch health insurance; the minimum amount of time is 24 hours and the maximum is 80 hours spread over a maximum of 10 days immediately following the birth.  (The day of the birth is counted as the first day.) If you stay in hospital for a few days after the birth, then these days will be deducted from the maximum number of hours.

All maternity care providers are obliged to charge a fixed personal contribution per hour. Read more about this contribution on If you have additional healthcare insurance, your personal contribution may be reimbursed.

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