Your basic health care insurance will cover your midwifery costs

Basis health insurance coverage

Our prenatal, natal and postnatal care is 100% reimbursed from the basic insurance and is not deducted from your 'Eigen risico'.

As a practice we are united with 32 other midwifery practices in the Verloskundige Zorggroep Groot Amsterdam. Within this group we strive for the highest possible quality of care. Most insurers see the great added value of this joint work on quality.

If you want to know whether our practice has a contract with your health insurer, you will not find us in the care finder ('Zorgzoeker') as 'Verloskundigen Oosterpark', but under the name of the Zorggroep Amsterdam. If your insurer does not have a contract with Zorggroep, our care will still be reimbursed 100%. However, your insurer may want our invoice to be paid through you.


In case you are not insured or have an insurance policy based in another country, you will receive our invoice yourself.


Each year, the Dutch health authority determines the costs for maternity care, and this will apply to all midwives employed in the Netherlands. For 2022, the amount for all-round care (including pregnancy, labour and postnatal care) is € 1.618,98.

Additional tests and checks

In case a medical indication requires an extra ultrasound, this is covered by your basic health insurance. A referral by us to a hospital for additional tests or support will also be covered by your insurance. However, certain blood tests will have to be paid from your excess.

Costs that aren’t normally covered by your insurance (although they sometimes are through an additional insurance package):

  • Personal contribution combined test or NIPT: € 175,-

  • Personal contribution outpatient hospital delivery: ca € 380,-; this can differ slightly between hospitals and between insurance companies.

  • Certain additional blood tests: different for each test.

  • Prenatal classes.

Maternity care coverage

Maternity care is covered by your basic health insurance, however, a personal contribution of 

€ 4,70 per hour is required as well.

Appointment cancellation policy

Please let us know as soon as possible in case you won’t be able to make your scheduled appointment. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, we will be obliged to invoice you for your missed appointment.