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Pregnancy due date calculator

When is your due date?

You can calculate your estimated due date if you know the first day of your last period. For step 1, fill in the first day of our last period. For step 2 you fill in the average number of days in your cycle (for instance, if you have a period every 4 weeks, your cycle is 28 days. Then, click ‘calculate’

Step 1: first day of your last period

Step 2: average number of days in your cycle 

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calculated due date

length of pregnancy

time left until due date

Calculated day

Pregnancy duration

Duration until due date

Please note, this calculation is only an estimation!

If you have a regular cycle, the pregnancy due date calculator is fairly accurate. However, because you don’t tend to know precisely when you ovulated and/or when you conceived, the dating scan at around 10 weeks will predict the most accurate due date.


The due date calculator method as shown in the above is less accurate for those with an irregular cycle or for women whose cycle tends to be much longer (over 45 days) or shorter (less than 22 days) than the average of 28 days..

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