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Flu vaccin for pregnant women

In many surrounding countries, pregnant women have been offered the flu shot for years. Since 2021, the flu shot has also been offered in the Netherlands, this year to all pregnant women who are at least 22 weeks pregnant after October 15. You can get you flu shot between October 15, 2023 and March 1, 2024 at the Parent and Child Team (JGZ) in your area. You can visit their walk-in consultation hours or schedule an appointment. You may combine the flu shot with the 22-week (whooping cough) vaccination, so you are ready in one visit.

Pregnant women have an equal chance of getting the flu compared to non-pregnant women. But on average they do become slightly sicker. A flu shot reduces the chance of getting the flu. The chance that a newborn baby will get the flu is also smaller if the mother received a flu shot during pregnancy, because the baby has received antibodies (= protection) via the placenta. Visit the RIVM website for more detailed information.


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