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Corona vaccin and pregnancy

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

We now know that pregnant women are more likely to get seriously ill from Corona than non-pregnant women. This is especially true for pregnant women with an underlying disease such as diabetes, heart or lung disease.

Large numbers of pregnant women worldwide have now been vaccinated against COVID-19. No risks of the vaccinations have been reported for the pregnancy and the unborn child. The Multidisciplinary COVID-19 & Pregnancy working group advises all pregnant women to get vaccinated, even if they have no additional risk factors. The benefits simply outweighs possible disadvantages. The advice is to vaccinate pregnant women with a so-called mRNA vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna.

As a pregnant woman, you will not receive priority to vaccination, you will be invited based on your age. If you are vaccinated during pregnancy, we ask you to report this to the Lareb side effects center / Moeders van Morgen.

Many pregnant women have doubts about whether or not to vaccinate. We find that understandable. In this information card - prepared by the Dutch associations of gynecologists and obstetricians - you will find helpful facts and considerations that can help you in your decision whether or not to vaccinate against Corona.


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