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paracetamol and pregnancy

Recently an article appeared in Nature, in which is described that there may be a relation between paracetamol use during pregnancy and the development of behavioral problems such as autism and ADHD in childhood and genitourinary abnormalities in boys. This correlation would be stronger if paracetamol is used longer in succession and in higher amounts. It is not yet possible to make a firm statement about this possible relationship and the associated risks and opportunities, for which more research is needed in humans.

At the same time, paracetamol remains the safest painkiller and fever reducer in pregnancy. Prolonged pain and fever have been shown to be harmful to pregnancy and the unborn baby and should therefore be treated. However, if you use paracetamol very often, we advise you to investigate with us or your GP why you use this medicine so often, and whether there maybe is another, better treatment available to you.

Click here for the full article in Nature

Click here for the response of the Medicines Evaluation Board

Click here for the full article in Nature

Click here for the reaction of CBG (Board for medicine evaluation)


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