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We have collected a number of useful links for you

Professional associations and collaborations ▸ Collaborating obstetricians, gynecologists and maternity care in East ▸ professional association of midwives ▸ lots of info from KNOV about being pregnant, giving birth and postpartum bed ▸ patient site of the professional association of gynaecologists ▸ partnership of primary care midwives in the Amsterdam region

Prenatal testing / heredity ▸ practical information about many hereditary disorders ▸ information and decision aid about prenatal testing ▸ information about blood tests, combination test and 20-week ultrasound


Nutrition and lifestyle during pregnancy ▸ lots of info about lifestyle in children's wish ▸ objective (but strict...) information about nutrition and pregnancy ▸ information about the risks of chemicals in everyday products ▸ about the risks of tobacco in pregnancy ▸ about the risks of alcohol during pregnancy


To suit ▸ childbirth experiences of proud women! ▸ for renting or buying a delivery bath ▸ informative film about treatment of childbirth pain


maternity time ▸ maternity agency with whom we work a lot ▸ maternity agency with whom we work a lot ▸ maternity agency with whom we work a lot ▸ information about contraception after childbirth


Breastfeeding ▸ information, experiences, forum ▸ site of cooperating breastfeeding organizations


Psychological and mental support around pregnancy and birth ▸ collaborative initiative of specialized psychologists ▸ help with problematic attachment and development in young families ▸ national knowledge center for psychiatry and pregnancy



Municipality of Amsterdam ▸ information about acknowledging 

Municipality of Amsterdam ▸ information aboutdeclaration
central government ▸ legal provisions on legal parenthood, child benefit ▸ supports parents as directors in the birth process ▸ digital version of the OKC guide series


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