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Many parents wonder whether their child will be healthy

Will I have a healthy child?

By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can partly control this yourself. However, in some cases a child is born with a rare condition. Some of these rare conditions can be detected through prenatal screening tests.

A very personal choice

During our first appointment, we will be asking you several questions regarding your personal and family medical history. We will also ask whether you want to learn more about prenatal screening. If you do, we'll discuss the options and try to help you decide. It is a good idea to organise your first appointment around 6-8 weeks as this will give you plenty of time to decide.


Whether you want to do one or several prenatal screening tests is entirely up to you. Each test is reliable and gives you a clear indication of the probability of having a healthy child. However, a reassuring test result will never guarantee a healthy child.

There are several types of prenatal screening tests

We will explain a little more about each of them. For more detailed information you can also go to (multilangual folders are avalaible for download under 'brochures')

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