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Closure of OLVG Oost delivery rooms

Updated: Jan 31

In December 2023, OLVG hospital has informed us that the Anna Pavilion will be closed for all mother- and childcare. The cause being a major staff shortage, it is yet unclear how long the closure will last. Since mid January however, daytime & low-risk care is being resumed. Scheduled appointments at the outpatient clinic (polikliniek) will continue as normal.

When we cannot go to OLVG Oost, we will move to OLVG West, BovenIJ, AMC or Amstelland hospital for hospital care and outpatient deliveries. We have good experiences in all these hospitals. In rare cases, we need to turn to a hospital outside Amsterdam, like Zaan MC in Zaandam.

We regret that, just before, we were informed by OLVG only at the very last minute. We would have liked to inform you earlier.

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